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  • Product description

    The special version of our worldwide bestseller DIABOLIC Anti offers the usual high disruptive effect and the strong diving of the ball behind the opposing net, which is typical for the rubber.

    With the DIABOLIC SPECIAL , the feel is much more direct and is reminiscent of playing with slow OX pimples.
    Here we have managed to noticeably improve the reversal of the cut on the opposing spin.

    The damping sponge used enables extra slow tempo and thus increases the control values ​​to an unprecedented level in the anti-slip area.

    DIABOLIC SPECIAL : Highest disruptive effect and perfect control complemented by a perfect reverse cut.

  • product properties

    pace: 20
    Control: 102
    Disturbing effect: 107
    Hardness: medium
    Suitability: Defensive / All-Around

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