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Our legendary long pimples rubber L.S.D LONG SUPER DEFENCE has become an international bestseller since its launch.
Here comes the optimized new version: L.S.D EXTRA LONG.
The revolutionary pimple geometry has stayed unchanged and the pimple length reaches the limit of the allowed rules.
To counteract the decreased spin properties of the new generation of plastic balls, wie have created a new high elastic rubber compound, which also enhances the control values of the rubber.
Moreover, L.S.D. EXTRA LONG also has a significantly more grippy pimple surface, which more than compensates the loss of spin with the new generation plastic balls, when playing an active defensive stroke.
The high disruptional effect and unpleasant trajectory remain preserved. The long ball dwell time on the rubber enables increased attacking capabilities.

L.S.D. EXTRA LONG: A long pimple legend optimised for playing with the new plastic ball generation.


Speed: 42
Control: 95
Disruptive effect: 102
Characteristics: Defensive / Allround
Hardness: Medium

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