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Der-materialspezialist Sabotage Def/All (anti)


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  • Product description

    The material specialist SABOTAGE is based on a normal pimple inner surface, but due to its newly developed rubber compound and a manufacturing process that is unique worldwide, it has hardly any surface friction, if at all.

    The defensively oriented version with the tried-and-tested classic damping sponge allows safe, control-optimized play at the table and from a distance, even with thin sponges.

    The classic pressure push as well as spin-charged block balls, as well as unpleasant interspersed side wipers, bring the sure point gain. The control values ​​are extremely high due to the new, very thin pimple structure of the upper rubber.

    Note on installation and care :
    A free MSP-DK4 adhesive film is included with each sabotage covering.
    Please use this to assemble the covering and be sure to follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
    Please remove any production residues with our SBS microfibre cloth.
    Regular cleaning with PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cares for and protects your base!

  • product properties

    Speed: 18
    Control: 110
    Disturbing effect: 104
    Hardness: Medium-
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