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Der-materialspezialist Spectre (gai dài)


Giá trên chưa bao gồm tiền Ship và phí COD

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  • Product description

    With the SPECTER, the material specialist brings one of the most innovative and unusual long pimples to the world market in recent years.We not only developed a completely new pimple structure, but also designed a very unusual rubber compound with very interesting playing characteristics.

    The SPECTER is particularly suitable for disruptive play close to the table with occasional excursions into half-distance and is clearly not susceptible to rotation, but at the same time offers the entire spectrum of offensive possibilities.

    The great strength of the SPECTER is the safe blocking of hard topspins, whereby even hard end shots from the opponent can be easily returned in passive play due to the resulting ball deceleration of the new rubber compound.

    The ball dives uncomfortably flat and creates a considerable fluttering effect of the ball.
    The sponge version of the SPECTER enables a more powerful, offensive game.

    Despite the maximum permissible pimple length, the SPECTER is extremely easy to control and is very forgiving.

    SPECTER: the colorful long-knobbed terror!

    We recommend mounting the OX version with a DK-4 adhesive film.

  • product properties

    Pace: 35
    Control: 96
    Disturbing effect: 105
    Hardness: Medium-
    Suitability: Defensive / All-Around

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