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  • Product description

    The goal when developing the SPINFIRE was to construct a short pimple that is comparable to a pimple inner rubber in terms of its playing characteristics, but is supplemented by the disruptive effect of a modern short pimple rubber and an extremely high speed.

    With its tight-fitting pimples and its identical rubber compound, taken over from our top-of-the-line model FIRESTORM, the SPINFIRE produces considerable rotation values ​​when serving as well as in the offensive topspin game.

    The usual excellent shooting and blocking properties of an aggressive short pimple rubber are retained, whereby not only an extremely high speed but also a massive diving of the ball is generated.

    The control is unusually high for experienced short pimple players and even pimple-in players find their way around the SPINFIRE after only a short familiarization period.

    SPINFIRE: high speed values ​​with massive self-spacing development and a flat ball trajectory in kunterbunt.

  • product properties

    pace: 114
    Control: 92
    effect: 89
    Hardness: Medium / Hard
    SuitabilityAll-round / offline

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