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Der-materialspezialist SpinFire (gai ngắn)


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  • Product description

    The goal during the development of SPINFIRE was to create a short pimple rubber with comparable properties of a pimple-in rubber, whilst maintaining the disruptional properties of a short pimple rubber with extreme high speed values.

    The narrowly arranged short pimple heads and the identical rubber compound which has been used with our top seller Firestorm allow for great rotation when serving and during offensive gameplay.

    The stellar shot and block capabilities of a short pimple rubber are maintained in combination with very high speed and a flat ball trajectory.

    The control values are extremely high for versed short pimple players and even pimple-IN players will be able to use SPINFIRE comfortably after a short while of adjustment.

    SPINFIRE: high tempo power with massive self-cut development and flat ball trajectory in multicolored.

  • product properties

    pace: 114
    Control: 92
    effect: 89
    Hardness: Medium / Hard
    Suitability: All-round / offensive

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