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The SpinLord Gipfelsturm is a totally new kind of pimple-out rubber.
Although the ribbed pimples are longer then those of most long pimple-out rubbers, this rubber plays like a short pimple-out rubber with the advantage of being more dangerous. In addition Gipfelsturm can create more spin then previous pimple-out rubbers.
Gipfelsturm has a soft touch, although rubber and sponge actually are medium-hard. Therefore all strokes can be played with techniques similar to those usually used for pimple-inn rubbers, but the player still can take advantage of all benefits of pimple-out rubbers.
Gipfelsturm makes all this possible with its unique shape of the pimples. The pimples are not only very long (1,65 mm), but they are also very wide (1,98 mm at the top of the pimples)  and have a conical shape (so the pimples are even wider at the bottom). The space between the pimples is very small (slightly over 1,0 mm).
Like Keiler and other rubbers from SpinLord, SpinLord Gipfelsturm offers a strong built-in speed-gluing effect without any ”factory-tuning”. Gipfelsturm is much faster then ”Degu”, but a little bit slower then ”Waran” and ”Keiler”.

Speed: 10/  Spin: 9.5/  Control: 8.5

Available in: ox / 1,2 / 1,5 / 1,8 mm

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