Spinlord Waran (gai ngắn)



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Hard topsheet with extra short pimples combined with a soft ( H32) orange sponge with a powerful speed gluing effect.

One of the fastest shortpimpled rubbers on the market.

For an aggressive offense game and a fast conter and block game with destructive effect.

Unexpectedly fast and dangerous – that describes Spinlord’s Waran (Monitor Lizard).

Other modern short pimple rubbers combine a soft top-sheet with a soft sponge. Waran is very different. The top-sheet is hard. In addition the pimples are very short. The sponge is soft and provides a very good built-in speed glue effect.

This combination makes the Waran an absolutely deadly weapon previously unachieved in tempo and destructive effect. This is our recommendation for a direct offensive game at the table.

  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 8
  • Control: 8

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