Spinlord Waran II (gai ngắn)



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The short pips out rubber SpinLord Waran II combines the unchanged top-sheet of Waran with a very fast medium hard sponge (it is the sponge of Marder IV and Irbis II). Due to this newly developed sponge Waran II is much faster then Waran.
For skilled players playing with short pips out rubbers, hitting the ball is the easiest way to success. Waran II is not only the best available rubber for deadly shots, but it can support such players also with being very insensitive to incoming spin and a very flat ball trajectory. Of course with Waran II also playing with spin is possible and even passive strokes are no problem – but continuous attacking is the way to victory with this rubber.

Waran: Speed: 11 Spin: 8 Control: 8
Waran II: Speed: 12 Spin: 8 Control: 7.5

Waran is available in: ox / 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm
Waran II is available in: 2,0 mm

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