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Anti Barna Original Super Glanti Absorber


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  • Products description

    With SUPER GLANTI the successfull brand BARNA ORIGINAL has impressively shown what is achievable in terms of spinreversal and disruption with todays plastic balls.

    This is due to our worldwide unique toprubber sheet, which produces maximum spinreversal due to its rubber compound  and also creates a very flat trajectory and a lot of disruptional effect.

    This amazing slick rubber will now be complemented by a much slower version named SUPER GLANTI ABSORBER.

    This rubber has a sponge with very strong dampening properties which provides all characteristics from the original version but also reduces the speed of the rallies.

    SUPER GLANTI ABSORBER enables very short blocks, especially when the opponent plays with a lot of spin, thereby preventing the opponent to play a aggressively.

    Note on installation and care:
    Each SUPER GLANTI comes with a free glue sheet.
    Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
    Regular cleaning with der-materialspezialist Pro Anti Clean cares and protects your GLANTI!

  • Product Features

    Speed: 15
    Control: 115
    Disruptive effect: 110
    Hardness: Medium
    Characteristics: Defensive / Allround
    Color: Red/Black
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