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  • Products description

    With the SPIN TRICK we present our first jointly developed and produced long pimple rubber from der-materialspezialist and BARNA ORIGINAL.
    The SPIN TRICK is the result of years of cooperation between the brands and combines the highly positive playing characteristics of several popular long pimple rubbers, to a new innovative and unprecedented long pimple rubber of superlatives.
    SPIN TRICK combines the pimple geometry of REBELLION with the rubber compound of VIRUS-2 and the surface structure of L.S.D. Long Super Defence.
    For a pronounced flummi effect, we have also added the essential molecule of legandary Kamikaze long pimple rubber.
    The popular pimple structure, with the thin fast bending pimples, allows here both an uncomfortable near table disturbing game, as well as a safe uncompromising defense from a distance.
    The soft rubber compound in combination with the sensational surface structure enables excellent rotation values andhighly spin development, while the chemical superiority of the rubber compound is responsible for exceptional ball trajectories and strong flutter ball.
    The control values are surprisingly high despite the massive disruptive effect.

    BARNA ORIGINAL – SPIN TRICK – BEST OF 4 the new superlative for the game with long pimples.

    We recommend to mount the OX version with a DK-4 adhesive foil.

  • Product Features

    Speed: 40
    Speed OX: 34
    Control: 99
    Disruptive effect: 106
    Color: Red/Black/Green

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