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Der-materialspezialist Shockwave (gai trung)


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  • Products description

    der-materialspezialist SHOCKWAVE is an offensive medium pimple that enables dynamic play with a high disruptional effect.The disruptional effect when blocking the opponent’s loops and offensive strokes is astounding, since the trajectory of these disruptive blocks is not linear but flat.

    SHOCKWAVE creates a longer contact time with the incoming ball through its dynamic rubber compound and the use of a new sponge. This ensures exceptional control properties and a unique playing experience.

    The main specialty of SHOCKWAVE is offensive disruptional strokes. The rubber enables you to easily play dangerous fast counter-strokes, disruptional loops, and fast-paced hits and shots.

    The OX Version is ideal for defensive players at the table and away from the table due to the highest possible control, great spin properties, and the possibility of unpredictable disruptional offensive strokes.

    SHOCKWAVE: Shock your opponent!

  • Product Features

    Speed: 91
    Control: 85
    Spin: 84
    Hardness: Medium+
    Characteristics: Defensive / Allround / Offensive

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