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Anti Barna Original Super Glanti Black Edition


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  • Products description

    The success story of the SUPER GLANTI series continues!

    With the SUPER GLANTI BLACK EDITION we have combined the outstanding and worldwide popular rubber top sheet, with an elastic, medium hard, innovative absorption sponge.

    This combination allows for unprecedented rotational redirection on every kind of spin and also impresses with an outstanding, direct feel.

    The spectacular spin variants and unusual ball trajectories are even more pronounced in SUPER GLANTI BLACK EDITION.

    Please note that this rubber is only available in the color black.

    Installation and care instruction for BARNA ORIGINAL Glantis:
    Apply one layer of BARNA ORIGINAL SUPER GLUE to the sponge and your blade.
    Wait until both layers have dried and then glue the rubber tot he blade.
    Regular cleaning with PRO-ANTI-CLEAN protects and maintains your Glanti and preserves its playing characteristics.
    If you want to remove the rubber, be careful and pull it off carefully from all sides to avoid waves and dents.

  • Product Features

    Speed: 35
    Control: 103
    Disruptive effect: 113
    Hardness: Hard
    Characteristics: Defensive / Allround
    Color: Black
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